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Cooling Systems

Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative cooling is an entirely natural method of cooling, using only air and water — to cool air through the simple principle of evaporation of water and is most energy efficient and cheapest way to keep your home cool in Summer. AtoZ Air-Conditioning install and sell Evaporative Cooling systems from AirGroup (Coolbreeze). Their systems are renowned for reliability and performance, while their design allows for quick and easy installation.


Coolbreeze has a design philosophy that reliability should be foremost in every design decision made. The outcome of this pursuit of reliability has been a warranty repair level the lowest in the ducted evaporative cooling industry. Ask our dealers about our service response times and you will be assured that these times would not be possible without exceptional reliability built in to every Coolbreeze unit.

Most of Australia is blessed with a climate that is ideal for evaporative air conditioning. Cool Breeze evaporative air conditioning is the natural, healthy way to cool your home.

Unlike refrigerated air conditioning systems where air is dried, chilled and recirculated, a Cool Breeze evaporative system uses the natural element of water to cool the air which is never re-circulated, as stale air is continually expelled through open doors and windows.

Reverse Cycle Cooling

Reverse Cycle systems give you the best of both worlds... Heating AND Cooling. This flexibility makes Reverse Cycle Systems the most popular way to keep your home or business warm in winter and cool in Summer. From small single room inverters through to Ducted Reverse cycle systems, AtoZ Air-Conditioning can help you find the right product and install it for you. AtoZ Air-Conditioning customise solutions to your needs by designing and installing systems that will work with your needs, to see the range of quality Residential and Commercial Fujitsu products we use, click here.

Fujitsu General

Fujitsu General was founded as a consumer electronics company Yaou Shoten Ltd in 1936. Since the very beginning, research and innovation has been at the heart of our company ethos. Every Fujitsu product undergoes extensive testing in our research and development facilities in Japan.

The insight and experience our engineers gained over many years in developing products to improve consumer living has guided the development of our air conditioning applications, with the business now solely focused on developing the best air conditioning solutions to best suit domestic and commercial environments.

The Classic range has a number of models across a wide range of capacities, suitable for any room in your home. With both cool only, and reverse cycle systems, and all models containing inverter technology, the Classic range is sure to have a model to suit your comfort needs.

Click here for Fujitsu's Classic Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Ranges.

Through new, advanced technology, inverter air conditioners are more economical to operate and quieter to run than conventional units. They can handle greater extremes in temperature, are smoother and more stable in operation and reach the desired temperature more quickly than conventional air conditioners.

Read more about Inverter Technology on Fujitsu's Air Conditioning Products here.

Advantage Air

Multi Zone climate control for your home or office is now available from Advantage Air. Giving you the option to increase or decrease the airflow in each room in precise 5% increments. Controlled from a touch screen or your mobile smart phone, this system makes multi zone control easy and is available from AtoZ Air-Conditioning today.

Our systems have always offered unrivalled comfort and energy efficiency; first with zone 6, then Zone10 and Gen III, and now with MyAir Series 4 — our most thoughtful system yet.

We embrace technology and invest heavily in research and development. Our ingenious engineers have developed numerous industry firsts and earned us a slew of patents, registered designs and design awards in the process.

Click here to read more about Advantage Airs' e-zone system.